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Autosmiley for windows

The past weeks I have become a big fan of Theo Watson and openFrameworks. Recently Theo made a so called speed project which allowed him to insert a smiley when he smiles. The project made lots of people happy.

But for me there was a problem,  it only worked on the Mac. And because I use Windows most of the time, I ported the app to Windows. It wasn’t that difficult, only had to change the OSX specific parts. So all the credits of this great app still goes to Theo.

Auto Smiley for OSX – Computer vision smiley generator from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

autosmiley for windows

autosmiley for windows

Above you see the original version from Theo Watson, and a pictures of my windows version.

*Note* there is one thing different in my version: I didn’t included the “ENTER” part, because I found that to annoying, so if you want the “ENTER”s included use edit source!

I used codeblocks and openFrameworks 0061 with the openCV addon. Thats all you need to run the project.

The file + source can be found here: for


  1. Harnie pro says:

    im sure i’ll love it \m/

  2. sinan tnc says:

    it’s so so so cool :) cong. ty ty ty :D ahahaha

  3. Falk says:

    Hi Joey,
    the tool works fine, although it sends Ü= instead of :)
    Anyway, would it be a great effort to change the function from sendig a smiley to counting the smiles? And write it to a text file or so.
    Could be a good tool to document my moods …

  4. Oh that’s unfortunate.
    What OS are you using, windows 7?
    I tested it on windows Vista.
    Changing the app isn’t that difficult.
    If you download Codeblocks and the source you can modify it yourself.
    Writing the count to a file might be a little bit more difficult, but doable.
    Its a nice starter project to explore Codeblocks and OpenFrameworks

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